Trachelidae  Simon, 1897 / Paratrachelas  Kovblyuk & Nadolny, 2009   4 species

Paratrachelas ibericus  (Bosselaers, Urones, Barrientos & Alberdi, 2009)


Prosoma yellow-brown, with small pits. Prosoma length: 1.74 mm. Chelicerae yellow-brown, rugose, pro- and retromargin each with 3 teeth. Sternum yellow-brown, margin darker, almost smooth. Legs I-II brown, legs III-IV yellow-brown. Opisthosoma grey, without pattern, dorsum with yellow-brown scutum covering almost the entire opisthosoma.

Body length male: 2.65-3.47 mm

Prosoma, chelicerae and sternum as in males. Prosoma length: 1.58 mm. Legs I-II orange-yellow, legs III-IV yellow. Opisthosoma grey, dorsum with dark grey dagger-shaped mark flanked by 2 large light spots, followed by 2 light median patches and some light chevrons in posterior part, dorsal scutum absent.

Body length female: 3.81-4.05 mm
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In litter layer of holm oak forests, stone pine forests and chestnut forests, from 180-900 m a.s.l.

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Global distribution (WSC 2023): Portugal, Spain, France, Algeria
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