Thomisidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Ozyptila  Simon, 1864   49 species

Ozyptila sincera  Kulczyński, 1926


Prosoma blackish brown, cephalic part lighter, middle part white. Chelicerae blackish brown. Sternum brown without markings. Legs I-II blackish brown, tibiae and patellae darker, femora of legs III-IV light yellowish proximally, blackish brown distally, patella yellowish brown, tibia proximally blackish brown, yellowish brown distally, metatarsus and tarsus yellowish brown. Opisthosoma yellowish brown, mottled with black, anterior part with white spots.

Body length male: 3.5 mm

Prosoma yellowish brown with brown markings at middle part and the sides, cephalic region whitish. Chelicerae and labium light brown. Maxillae and sternum yellowish brown, sternum with 7 black spots along margin. Legs I and II light brown, femora III-IV yellow, distally dark brown, remaining segments of legs III-IV light brown. Opisthosoma light yellowish brown with indistinct dark-coloured markings.

Body length female: 4.3 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2021): Russia (Europe to Far East), Korea, Japan
Distribution List
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