Prodidomidae  Simon, 1884 / Zimiris  Simon, 1882   1 species

Zimiris doriae  Simon, 1882


Body and legs pale brownish, without any pattern. Anterior median eyes black, all lateral eyes silverish. Prosoma dorsally only with few hairs.

Additional information

This species of African and Asian origin is not native to Europe (alien species). It had been introduced to Europe at least once but could not establish so far.

  Not established
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Global distribution (WSC 2022): Ivory Coast, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, India. Introduced to Mexico, Caribbean, French Guiana, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia (Java), Malaysia
Distribution List
Egypt   (El-Hennawy, 2017a) ||| Germany   (Jäger, 2005) |||

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