Nemesiidae  Simon, 1889 / Nemesia  Audouin, 1826   55 species

Nemesia seldeni  Decae, 2005


Vulva with tripartite spermatheca. Prosoma yellowish, with dark brown zones and dark violet corners on the sides, eyes compact and dark coloured. Sternum yellow. Chelicerae with bright and dark brown zones, with 6 teeth laterally on cheliceral furrow, fang smooth. Legs yellow, with darker longitudinal stripes dorsally on femur. Metatarsus and metatarsus I-II with scopula, partly reaching to middle of tibia I and II. Opisthosoma egg-shaped, densely covered with thin, grey-white hairs. Cuticula greyish with dark grey spot pattern, dorsally and ventrally with yellowish sheen. Spinnerets yellowish.

Body length female: 13.7-16.3 mm
Additional information

Male unknown. In damp and shadowed places with vegetation and ground rich in humus

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Global distribution (WSC 2019): Spain (Majorca)

Decae A E (2005) Trapdoorspiders of the genus Nemesia Audouin, 1826 on Majorca and Ibiza: taxonomy, distribution and behaviour (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Nemesiidae). Bull Br Arachnol Soc 13: 145-168

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