Araneidae  Clerck, 1757 / Glyptogona  Simon, 1884   1 species

Glyptogona sextuberculata  (Keyserling, 1863)


Prosoma deep brown anteriorly and upper sides, posterior yellow below the opisthosoma. Both eye rows recurved (in dorsal view). Clypeus relatively high. Sternum brown with yellow markings. Chelicerae with 3 denticles on promargin, and 3-5 denticles on retromargin. Legs with dark annulations. Opisthosoma beige, dorsum with dark spots and 3 pairs of conspicuous tubercles, venter with large light spots in front of spinnerets.

Body length male: 4.3 mm
Body length female: 5.6-6.2 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): Italy to Israel

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