Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Synaphosus  Platnick & Shadab, 1980   9 species

Synaphosus palearcticus  Ovtsharenko, Levy & Platnick, 1994


Tibial apophysis retrolaterally with hook. Embolus long, thread-like, with pointed process on retrolateral base. Epigyne anteriorly with depression. Vulva with strongly convoluted receptacula.

Body length male: 3.1 mm
Body length female: 4.15 mm
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On Crete in Phrygana

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Global distribution (WSC 2022): Greece, Turkey to Central Asia
Distribution List
Armenia   (Otto, 2022; Ovtsharenko et al., 1994) ||| Azerbaijan   (Otto, 2022; Ovtsharenko et al., 1994) ||| Cyprus   (Bosmans et al., 2019c) ||| Greece   (Chatzaki et al., 2002b) ||| Greece / Crete   (Chatzaki et al., 2002b) ||| Russia, Eastern   (no references) ||| Russia, Southern   (Otto, 2022; Ponomarev et al., 2008) ||| Turkey (Asia)   (Danışman et al., 2021a) ||| Ukraine   (Kovblyuk et al., 2016) |||

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