Gnaphosidae  Banks, 1892 / Leptodrassus  Simon, 1878   6 species

Leptodrassus albidus  Simon, 1914


Prosoma without black marginal line. Palp: tibial apophysis with a broad base, a round ventral and a dorsal blade-like process. Bulbus complicated, apically armed with closely grouped laminae and often pointed, nearly indistinguishable sclerites. Tegulum with a pointed retrolateral  and a complex ventral apophysis. Embolus filiform, its base rising from proximal end of tegulum, running along its prolateral side, mostly hidden by a membrane.

Body length male: 3.7 mm

Prosoma without black marginal line. Epigyne: median cavity covered by a long hood, with a setose base connected to the lateral margins, and with a sclerotized free part that covers almost three quarters of the cavity. Introductory orifices opening in the posterior half of the cavity, covered by the hood. Introductory ducts curved, spermathecae globular.

Additional information

Occurs close to the coast and in degraded phrygana and abandoned cultivations.

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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Azores, Canary Is., Spain to Greece, Turkey, Israel
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