Trachelidae  Simon, 1897 / Paratrachelas  Kovblyuk & Nadolny, 2009   4 species

Paratrachelas validus  (Simon, 1884)


Prosoma reddish brown to chestnut brown, with small pits. Prosoma length: 2.50 mm. Chelicerae chestnut brown, rugose, pro- and retromargin with 3 teeth. Sternum orange-brown, with small pits. Legs I-II orange-brown, legs III-IV orange-yellow. Opisthosoma grey, dorsum with brown scutum, covering almost the entire opisthosoma, with 4 pale spots in anterior part and some pale chevrons in posterior part.

Body length male: 2.79-4.68 mm

Prosoma reddish brown, with small pits. Prosoma length: 1.97 mm. Chelicerae brown, rugose, toothed as in males. Sternum yellow-brown with small pits. Leg I-II orange-brown, leg III-IV orange. Opisthosoma grey, dorsum with a darker, dagger-shaped longitudinal mark and 4 lighter spots around sigilla in anterior half, as well as some lighter chevrons in posterior half, dorsal scutum absent.

Body length female: 4.52-4.89 mm
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In humus, litter layer, moss, on shrubs, under stones, from 10 m up to 1500 m a.s.l.

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Global distribution (WSC 2020): Portugal, Spain, Italy
 male  female
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Italy   (no references) ||| Portugal   (Branco et al., 2019) ||| Spain   (Branco et al., 2019) |||

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