Titanoecidae  Lehtinen, 1967 / Nurscia  Simon, 1874   3 species

Nurscia albosignata  Simon, 1874


Prosoma and opisthosoma black. Palps conspicuously long, massive and strong, black with long hairs. Patella spoon-shaped, thick. Tibia 5x longer than thick and bent saber-like.

prosoma length: 4-5 mm, prosoma width: 3.0-3.6 mm.

Body length male: 9 mm

Prosoma black. Opisthosoma almost black or black-brown, dorsally 5 pairs of white or yellow spots, with short, black hairs. Opisthosoma ventrally black-brown. Spinnerets black. Epigyne slightly wider than long. Median chitinous bar, which is slightly widened posteriorly and sharply protruding. Laterally of this bar are two large, deep openings. Receptacula with simple, short ducts.

prosoma length: 4.0-4.8 mm, prosoma width: 3.0-3.5 mm.

Body length female: 10 mm
Additional information

Prefers sunny and sandy slopes. Under stones or in ground cavities.

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Global distribution (WSC 2019): South-eastern and eastern Europe to Central Asia

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