Lycosidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Pyrenecosa  Marusik, Azarkina & Koponen, 2004   3 species

Pyrenecosa pyrenaea  (Simon, 1876)


Prosoma dark brown to blackish. Sternum light brown. Opisthosoma dorsally grey-black, ventrally lighter. Dorsal side of legs brownish. Palp: tegulum prolaterally protruding, embolus tilted, band-shaped.

Prosoma length: 4.5 mm, prosoma width: 3.5 mm.

Body length male: 8 mm

Colour as in male. Epigyne: Epigynal groove rhomboid, median septum heart-shaped. Limiting ridges converging aborad. Receptacula arched.

Prosoma length: 4.3  mm, prosoma width: 3.5 mm.

Body length female: 8.7 mm
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Distribution comment: Liechtenstein removed
Global distribution (WSC 2022): Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France)
Distribution List
Andorra   (Branco et al., 2019) ||| France   (Buchar & Thaler, 1993) ||| Spain   (Breitling, 2020) |||

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