Lycosidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Pardosa  C. L. Koch, 1847   127 species

Pardosa plumipes  (Thorell, 1875)


Prosoma mainly brown with a yellow fringe, its center with a longitudinal band reaching the rear end. Dark brown opisthosoma with diagonal black marks. Venter dark brown with a row of black sprinkles towards the spinnerets. Tibia, metatarsus and tarsus densely covered with very long lateral setae. Sternum black and with a fringe of white setae. Palp: bulbus appendage blunt and rounded, curved upwards and not reaching apical bulbus end, appendage basally connected with a small apophysis.

Body length male: 5.5 mm

Colouration as in male. Epigyne developed as a transverse chitinized plate with its base and lateral sides forming a sharp angle.

  No data
Distribution comment: No known record from Germany (Blick, pers. comm.), therefore deleted
Global distribution (WSC 2024): Sweden, Finland, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Russia (Europe to Far East), Kazakhstan, Central Asia, China, Japan
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"No references" does not mean that the species does not occur in this country, but that we have not yet inserted the reference for it. We are working on it.

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