Dysderidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Dasumia  Thorell, 1875   12 species

Dasumia amoena  (Kulczyński, 1897)


Bulb: embolus 4 times as long as wide. Prosoma 2.6 mm long. Colouration as in female.


Prosoma brownish, 3 mm long. Legs pale yellowish, anteriors darker, femur I and II with 2 or 3 spines, femur III with 3 to 5 spines, femur IV with 5 to 8 spines, tibia III and IV with spines, patella III with one apical spine, tarsus with 3 claws, posterior tarsal claws similar to anteriors. Opisthosoma pale yellowish grey.

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Distribution comment: Greece: deleted, misidentified D. navitatis per Bosmans & Chatzaki (2005: p. 25)
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Eastern Europe, Russia (Caucasus)
Distribution List
Bosnia and Herzegovina   ( no references ) ||| Bulgaria   ( Blagoev et al., 2018; ) ||| Croatia   ( no references ) ||| Russia, Southern   ( Otto, 2020; ) |||

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