Segestriidae  Simon, 1893 / Segestria  Latreille, 1804   9 species

Segestria fusca  Simon, 1882


Palp: bulb longer and much broader than tarsus, the embolus nearly as long as the lobe, curved from the base and a little sinuous at the end. Prosoma 3 mm long. Metatarsus as in female, but with another subbasal lateral spine.


Prosoma reddish-brown, darker in the front with a thin black borderline, covered with a long whitish pubescence. Prosoma 3.4 mm long. Sternum nearly black. Eyes: the medians large, the laterals a little smaller, oval, interdistance medians to laterals about 0.5 diameter of medians. Chelicerae dark reddish-brown. Legs uniform reddish-brown, metatarsus I and II with 2 pairs of lateral spines and a small apical spine, but without basal median spine. Opisthosoma subcylindrical, very long, brown purplish, lighter on the sides.

Body length female: 6-8 mm
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In xerothermic areas: scrubland, cork oak forests, stony areas, under stones.

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Distribution comment: Presence in Italy doubtful (Pantini & Isaia, 2015), therefore removed
Global distribution (WSC 2024): Portugal, Spain, France, Italy
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