Pholcidae  C. L. Koch, 1850 / Pholcus  Walckenaer, 1805   15 species

Pholcus sidorenkoi  Dunin, 1994


Prosoma ochre-yellow with light brown marking, ocular area with thin brown line. Sternum hellgrau, margin darker. Chelicerae hellgrau. Legs: femora and tibiae with thin grey annulations subdistally. Opisthosoma ochre-grey.

Body length male: 6.0 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2024): Russia (Europe, Central Asia), Tajikistan
 male  female
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"No references" does not mean that the species does not occur in this country, but that we have not yet inserted the reference for it. We are working on it.

Russia, Eastern   (Dunin, 1994; Huber, 2011) |||

Dong T T, Zheng G, Davlatov A, Yao Z Y, Li S Q (2017) Two new species of the spider genus Pholcus Walckenaer, 1805 (Araneae, Pholcidae) from Tajikistan, with the first description of female Pholcus sidorenkoi Dunin, 1994. European Journal of Taxonomy 301: 1-14 pdf

Dunin P M (1994) Pholcus sidorenkoi sp. n., a new species of pholcid spiders (Aranei, Haplogynae, Pholcidae) from the Volga region. Zoologicheskiĭ Zhurnal 73(3): 136-138 pdf

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WSC (2024) World Spider Catalog. Version 25.0. Natural History Museum Bern, online at (22.01.2024) doi: 10.24436/2 pdf

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