Pholcidae  C. L. Koch, 1850 / Artema  Walckenaer, 1837   4 species

Artema atlanta  Walckenaer, 1837


Prosoma 4.4 mm long.

Body length male: 9.4 mm

Prosoma yellowish, with darkened grooves. Prosoma  4.3 mm long. Eyes subequal in size, anterior row straight, posterior row slightly procurved. Legs with brown annulations. Opisthosoma whitish, with dark irregular spots.

Body length female: 10 mm
Additional information

In buildings.

This species is not native to Europe (alien species). It had been introduced to Europe at least once and could establish.

  Not established
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2022): North Africa, Middle East. Introduced to both Americas, tropical Africa, Britain, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, tropical Asia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Pacific Is.
Distribution List
Algeria   (Bosmans, unpubl.) ||| Belgium   (no references) ||| Egypt   (Bosmans, unpubl.) ||| Greece   (no references) ||| Libya   (Bosmans, unpubl.) ||| Turkey (Asia)   (Danışman et al., 2021a) ||| United Kingdom   (Lavery, 2019) |||

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