Oonopidae  Simon, 1890 / Orchestina  Simon, 1882   10 species

Orchestina longipes  Dalmas, 1922


Palp: bulb large, longer than tibia, at the top with a round protuberance, embolus tubular. Characters as in female.

Body length male: 1.15-1.3 mm

Spermatheca circular, widely distant from the epigastric furrow. Prosoma pale orange, with a thin borderline. Sternum same colour, or a little lighter. Median eyes irregular rectangular, more narrow in front, eyes ringed with black. Legs same colour as prosoma. Opisthosoma lighter, especially below.

Body length female: 1.4-1.45 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Italy
Adults of both sexes in spring and winter.
Distribution List
Italy   ( no references ) ||| Spain / Balearic Islands   ( no references ) |||

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