Oonopidae  Simon, 1890 / Oonops  Templeton, 1835   14 species

Oonops mahnerti  Brignoli, 1974




Prosoma lemon-yellow, 0.77 mm long. Sternum heart-shaped, smooth, yellowish, ended with a small obtuse tip, the coxa IV is one diameter apart. Eyes subequal, ALE largest, PLE smallest. Labium small, triangular, as long as wide. Legs pale yellow, tibia I and II with 6 pairs of spines, metatarsus I and II with 2 pairs of spines, femur I with 2 prolateral spines. Opisthosoma white, hairy.

Body length female: 1.9 mm
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In olive plantations.

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Global distribution (WSC 2020): Greece
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Greece   ( no references ) |||

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