Oonopidae  Simon, 1890 / Oonops  Templeton, 1835   14 species

Oonops amoenus  Dalmas, 1916


Palp: bulb pear-shaped, with a long embolus. The spines on anterior legs are very tiny, and look like hairs.

Body length male: 1.5 mm

Spermatheca contiguous to epigastric furrow. General colouration orange-red. Prosoma darker than legs. Eyes ringed with black, PME larger. Tibia I and II with 4 pairs of ventral spines, these spines are very tiny.

Body length female: 1.8 mm
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In houses.

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Global distribution (WSC 2020): France
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France   ( no references ) ||| France / Corsica   ( no references ) |||

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