Dysderidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Mesostalita  Deeleman-Reinhold, 1971   3 species

Mesostalita comottii  (Gasparo, 1999)




Vulva: spermatheca long, widened at its base, with tha distal part semicircular, posterior diverticulum with a membranous, tubular structure, distally widened. Prosoma 1.3 mm long. Prosoma and sternum yellowish. Chelicerae: promargin with 3 teeth, retromargin with one small teeth. Legs yellowish, anterior metatarsus and patella spineless, other segments with spines.

Body length female: 3 mm
Additional information

In cave. Altitude 1150 m.

Troglobiont species (Mammola et al. 2018)

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Global distribution (WSC 2020): Croatia
Distribution List
Croatia   ( no references ) |||

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