Filistatidae  Ausserer, 1867 / Zaitunia  Lehtinen, 1967   4 species

Zaitunia annulipes  (Kulczyński, 1908)


Prosoma 1.6 mm long. Prosoma light brown, with black borderline, ocular area brown, cephalic part with brown patch. Eyes: ALE round, PLE oval, anterior row slightly procurved, posterior row slightly recurved. Legs: femur  with one spine, spination of metatarsus: I with 4 spines, II with 5 spines, III with numerous spines, IV with 5 spines, other segments with few spines. Opisthosoma greyish brown.

  No data
Distribution comment: Only on Cyprus (Zonstein & Marusik 2016)
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Cyprus

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World Spider Catalog (2019) World Spider Catalog, version 20.5. Natural History Museum Bern, online at (20.09.2019) doi: 10.24436/2

Zonstein S, Marusik Y M (2016) A revision of the spider genus Zaitunia (Araneae, Filistatidae). European Journal of Taxonomy 214: 1-97

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