Theraphosidae  Thorell, 1869 / Ischnocolus  Ausserer, 1871   3 species

Ischnocolus valentinus  (Dufour, 1820)


Body uniform blackish brown. Chelicerae apically with 2 or 3 small spines on interior side. Anterior tarsi without spines, with scopula, posterior metatarsi with spines, tarsal claws pectinated, with 4 external teeth and 7 or 8 internal denticles, leg IV the longest. Bulb oval, embolus straight.


Basic colour brown with long, shaggy, dirty, yellow hairs. Opisthosoma darkish with indistinct pattern. Epigyne: seminal receptacles broad and well-rounded with bowed sides.

Additional information

Mediterranean habitat with sparse oaks and bushes. Under large, rather flattish stones. Altitude 100-200 m above sea level.

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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Spain, Italy (Sicily), Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Libya
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