Thomisidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Spiracme  Menge, 1876   1 species

Spiracme striatipes  (L. Koch, 1870)


Palp yellow-brown. Cymbium retrolaterally asymmetrically bulged in the middle. Tibial apophysis bipartite, ventral apophysis slightly broadened toward tip and with blunt end. Retrolateral apophysis broad in ventral view, with striking, small, hook-like bent process on distal end. Embolus with piston-like widened tip, with transverse folds. Epigyne with median tube-like bulged protrusion. Bar between the 2 epigynal grooves approximately as wide as epigynal groove. Vulva consists of long oval structures chambered on the inside. Prosoma with 3 broad longitudinal stripes. Female: brown-beige-brown, male: dark brown-brown-dark brown. Sternum beige or brown to dark brown, longish oval to slightly roundish or heart-shaped. Chelicerae beige and brown patterned, frontally spined. Legs slender, long with brown to yellowish light brown or olive brown colour, with cream or dark brown dorsal longitudinal stripes. Opisthosoma slender with dark brown to olive brown oval. Margin of opisthosoma narrowly to broadly coloured with white or cream, with some dark spots. Male: with lancet-shaped brightened area, 5 distinct sigilla. Spinnerets brown to dark brown.

Body length male: 4.6-5.8 mm
Body length female: 7-7.8 mm
Additional information

On low plants and under stones, thermophilic

Frequency: Not frequent

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Russia (Europe) to Central Asia, Iran, China
 male  female

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