Theridiidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Theonoe  Simon, 1881   4 species

Theonoe sola  Thaler & Steinberger, 1988


Prosoma yellow-brownish, 0.44-0.48 mm long. Sternum pointed posteriorly. Eyes: AME smaller than the rest, lateral eyes contiguous, PME 2 diameters apart, median ocular quadrangle much wider behind than in front. Chelicerae with 3 teeth on anterior margin. Legs yellowish. Opisthosoma whitish.

Body length male: 0.9 mm

Prosoma 0.49 mm long. Characters as in male, but opisthosoma grey.

Body length female: 0.9 mm
Additional information

Only single records in xerothermic block fields as yet in Austria, where the specimens live in the cleavage system and in pine forest. A single record from Germany in the scree of a limestone quarry (xerothermic biotop) (Bauchhenss, 1992). Altitude 280-1200 m.

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Global distribution (WSC 2019): Germany, Austria
 male  female
Males in winter, spring and summer.

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