Lycosidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Pardosa  C. L. Koch, 1847   127 species

Pardosa torrentum  Simon, 1876


Terminal apophysis of male palpal pointed and with robust tooth. Prosoma dark brown, prosoma length female: 2.6-2.8 mm, prosoma length male: 2.4-2.7 mm. Legs yellow-brown, distinctly annulated. Femur dorsally patterned with brown. Opisthosoma dark brown, with brownish, arrow-shaped spot in anterior part, anteriorly black, posteriorly yellow-red margined, spots surrounded with purple-black.

Body length female: 6.1 mm
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From lowland to mountains, in sandy localities with scarce vegetation, also in humid areas.

Video: Courtship behaviour (Chiarle et al. 2013)

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Distribution comment: Tongiorgi (1966a): Pyrenees, but no verified record from Spain is known
Global distribution (WSC 2024): France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Georgia
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