Araneidae  Clerck, 1757 / Araniella  Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942   6 species

Araniella proxima  (Kulczyński, 1885)


Male palp with long median apophysis, uniformly bent sickle-like toward tip. Epigyne with narrow scapus (1/2 width of epigyne at most), tapering and reaching far beyond epigyne. Epigyne deeply incised on both sides of scapus and with strongly sclerotised tails. Prosoma light brown to brown, male: almost always with dark marginal band. Opisthosoma dorsally with 0-4 pairs of black lateral spots, ventrally almost unexceptionally without distinct spots within (not always) dark median field.

Body length male: 4.5-5.5 mm
Body length female: 6.0-8.0 mm
Additional information

Mainly in the mountains. Biology mostly unknown

Frequency: rarely found in Central Europe

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2023): North America, Europe, Russia (Europe to Far East), Turkey, Kazakhstan
 male  female
Distribution List

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