Uloboridae  Thorell, 1869 / Uloborus  Latreille, 1806   3 species

Uloborus plumipes  Lucas, 1846


Prosoma densely haired, without pronounced longitudinal stripes. Legs brown haired, annulated with white-bluish. Tibia I female: with strikingly long, black plumose hairs. Opisthosoma light brown with darker median line, densely haired, dorsally with 2 humps in anterior part, 2 white spots between them.

Body length male: 3-4 mm
Body length female: 4-6 mm
Additional information

In tropics and subtropics in the Old World, in Mediterranean area in Italy and France in the open land, in Great Britain, Central and North Europe imported to greenhouses in many cases. They were thought to develop parthenogenetically in greenhouses, as it seems that only females occur, but this must be doubted because of the cryptic living of males.

Oxford (2011) showed convincingly that Uloborus plumipes is not parthenogenetic in urban populations in Europe (and probably nowhere else).

Since a few decades, this species shows some spreading tendencies within Europe. Nevertheless, it shall not be listed as alien or invasive because it is native for Europe.

Frequency: Widely distributed

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Europe, Africa, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines. Introduced to Argentina, Japan
 male  female

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