November 2023 We cover now 5497 species with 52810 figures, 7381 photos and 3821 references.
January 2022 In 2021 more than 400 sessions per day.
October 2019 Robert Bosmans becomes a co-author.
August 2019 Inclusion of the Maghreb countries into the distribution map adds 600 species.
May 2017 The database includes now more than 36.000 figures, 2200 references and 5100 photos for 4447 species.
November 2016 Links to "Les araignées de Belgique et de France" integrated on species data sheets (thanks to Pierre Oger).
August 2015 Biodiversity modul added.
March 2015 Distribution map with new category "not established". Comments added on alien species.
Februar 2015 New frontend for the linyphiid matrix key of Anna Stäubli online.
Juli 2014 Species records for Albania and Kosovo revised (thanks to Blerina Vrenozi).
Januar 2014 New genus keys for Dictynidae (Yurei M Marusik), Eresidae (Milan Rezac), Gnaphosidae, Liocranidae (Jörg Wunderlich), Lycosidae (Dmitri Logunov), Philodromidae (Christoph Muster), Pholcidae (Bernhard Huber), Sparassidae (Peter Jäger), Theridiidae (Barbara Thaler-Knoflach),
Zodariidae (Stano Pekar) provided. Thanks to them all.
Januar 2013 The database includes now more than 21.000 figures, 1000 references and 2300 photos for 4499 species.
August 2012 Barcoding module added.
March 2012 Photo gallery added. Thanks to Barbara Thaler-Knoflach, Jørgen Lissner and Fulvio Gasparo for providing the first photos.
February 2012 Species from the Asian part of Turkey included (thanks to Bayram and colleagues).
November 2011 Distribution information for the Caucasus Region and links to caucasus-spiders.info integrated on species data sheets (thanks to Stefan Otto). Also link for salticid species to http://www.jumping-spiders.com integrated (thanks to Heiko Metzner).
June 2011 The separate DELTA key to linyphiid spiders with a matrix of 42 characters allows to identify 800 (out of 1200) European linyphiid species. Thanks to Anna Stäubli and helpers.
January 2011 More than 250 visitors daily.
November 2010 Araneae - Spiders of Europe going public.
August 2010 Start of the beta version with a group of experts.

May 2010

Natural History Museum Basel and Bern first sponsors.
April 2010 We cover now more than 3927 species, 611 genera, 58 families and the database includes 16.482 figures and 661 references.
February 2010 First alpha release of Spiders of Europe presented to the editors.
December 2008 Database administration backend finished.
October 2007 Translation of  key and datasheet content completed.
December 2006 Parsing of existing key content and species information into the database completed.
October 2005 All European species included from Fauna Europaea.

September 2005

Decision to switch to a true database and enlarge the geographical focus to Europe.
July 2003 More than 100 visitors daily.

March 2002

We cover now 330 genera and 1350 species and include 11.000 figures.

March 2002

First parts as English version available.

February 2002

In all genus keys sex symbols allow a fast switch to the other sex

October 2001

First distribution maps included.

August 2000

We cover now 325 genera and 1260 species for Central Europe.

July 2000

Official launch at the 19th European Conference of Arachnology in Aarhus, Denmark.

June 2000

Family keys to genera improved.

May 2000

Key to genera for 43 families improved.

March 2000

Nemesiidae and Ctenizidae included by Arthur Decae.

January 2000

New key to theridiid genera provided by Barbara Knoflach-Thaler.

December 1999

Improved version of the key to families available.

September 1999

First version of Lexicon and References.

May 1999

All taxa from Heimer & Nentwig are included, we start to include additional species.

December 1998

First copyright permits allow the beginning of the practical work.

May 1998

Project idea: Heimer & Nentwig (1991) shall be used as starting point for an internet key for Central European spiders in HTML format.