Expert board


Experts analyse additions, corrections and comments made by the users of this webpage through the Wiki function and decide on the publication of these changes. They also add new information to the database. If you are interested to contribute to araneae as an expert, please contact one of the editors.



Kjetil Aakra (Norway)

Angelo Bolzern (Switzerland)

Maria Chatzaki (Greece)

Arthur Decae (The Netherlands)

Sergei Esyunin (Russia)

Holger Frick (Liechtenstein / Switzerland) (for Linyphiidae)

Fulvio Gasparone (Italy)

Christophe Hervé (France) (for Gnaphosidae)

Bernhard Huber (Germany) (for Pholcidae)

Marco Isaia (Italy)

Peter Jäger (Germany)

Christian Komposch (Austria)

Mykola Kovblyuk (Ukraine)

Dieter Martin (Germany)

Yuri M. Marusik (Russia)

Stefan Otto (Germany)

Milan Řezáč (Czech Republic) (for Dysderidae, Eresidae, Atypidae)

Danniella Sherwood (United Kingdom)

Andrei V. Tanasevitch (Russia)

Barbara Thaler-Knoflach (Austria)

Jörg Wunderlich (Germany)

Marek Zabka (Poland) (for Salticidae)